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Short Economic Quotes by PeakTrader

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PostPosted: Wed Oct 27, 2010 8:38 pm    Post subject: Short Economic Quotes by PeakTrader Reply with quote

"Roughly 9 out of 10 Wikipedia contributors are male. The Wikimedia Foundation considers that to be a problem, and wants to change it."


I noticed women like to talk more than type.

To women, it seems, a phone is more important than a computer.

Yes, my comment may seem sexist. However, women may have more important things to do, like cooking dinner.


Idle resources and employing resources inefficiently make people poorer.


Many people seem to believe the rich "receive" too much wealth. Would the poor be better off if the top 10% created a trillion dollars of wealth or if they didn't?


Is it better to promote economic growth and tax it or prevent economic growth and tax it even more?


Household assets increased faster than household debt.

Moreover, GDP reflects the production side of the economy. The gains on the consumption side were even greater.


It seems, the hostility and uncertainty thrown at the "wealth creators" neutralized the fiscal stimulus and much of the monetary stimulus.


The fiscal stimulus came from the future, and its failure (to generate a virtuous cycle of consumption-employment) means even slower future growth.


"We blindly stuck to free trade while the rest of the world protected."

That helps explain why U.S. living standards improved substantially more than our protectionist trading partners, and allowed the U.S. to lead the world in the Agricultural-Industrial-Information-Biotech revolutions.


"According to Larry Kantor, global head of research for Barclays Capital in New York, the weak dollar "is a net plus for the U.S. economy.""

Some people also believe getting paid to dig holes and fill them up again is better than collecting an unemployment check, i.e. "a net plus."


I'd say, the market is perfectly rational, based on imperfect information, and inefficient, until the perfect information catches-up to the market.

There are some indicators that are reliable at extreme levels, although not always reliable, and those extreme levels are rarely reached (e.g. a few times a year).

However, the more people who learn about and use a reliable indicator, the less reliable it becomes.


Charles Campbell, retired senior VP of Gulf Oil says: "We have hollowed out our industrial base."

He may hold that belief, because even with technological improvements in the oil industry, it increasingly cost more to extract a barrel of oil, while it increasingly cost less to produce a unit of output in manufacturing.

I'm sure he "hollowed out" some oil wells/fields.


We need to induce demand for marijuana, like alcohol and gambling, and then tax it to reduce demand. That way the state won't go bankrupt.

Also, U.S. taxpayers can thank U.S. consumers that banks were able to repay TARP loans to the U.S. government with interest.


The recession caused manufacturing productivity to decline initially, and then it rebounded back to the long-term trend line. The recession seemed to only disrupt productivity growth.


The Obama Administration wants Americans to produce more and consume less to raise tax revenues, provide the illusion of prosperity, preserve big government, and protect states from bankruptcies, particularly to those who believe the past 10 years were the "Lost Decade."
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