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Recent Letters to the Editor

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PostPosted: Sun Jul 17, 2005 5:40 pm    Post subject: Recent Letters to the Editor Reply with quote

XXX, thanks very much for the email. You're certainly right about executing too soon. I'm use to a high volatility market, and haven't completely adjusted to a low and falling volatility market. For example, I recall buying $500 of ATHM calls, selling at $2,500 within an hour or two, buying another $500 of ATHM calls, and selling them for $2,500 again, within the same day. However, I believe, this tough trading market has improved me in other areas, to make up for weaker tactical trades. I'll send you all the investment club information when it's completed. I really appreciate your loyalty. Arthur

> Arthur,
> Eventhough you suffered a losing streak during the recent months, you have performed beatifully. I have learnt a lot from both your winning and your losing trades.Personally, I believe in your huge potential and I have enormous confidence that in the long haul you will be a great success.
> I have been following the market and your trades everyday, if you don't mind, I really want to tell you how I feel about your trades. You have all the potential huge winners, but most of the time you execute too soon, if you could learn to wait(which is what I am trying to learn), the return would be phenomenon.I have been experimenting over the past year some of my observations which result in ten and twenty fold return in a short period of time. I wish I could implement it in a big way some day.
> Thank you for your invitation to your investment club, I am VERY MUCH interested. Please count me in and let me know the details. XXX


XXX, thanks very much for your email. It's been a brutal trading market over the past two months, after my six month winning streak. I'm very sorry I couldn't help you make money. I'll be posting free articles on click "Finance," and then click "Investing." Thanks very much for your interest in, and I'm sure you'll become more successful. Arthur

> Hi Arthur,
> I followed you trading for about 2 months. I came to the conclusion that
> you are a fantastic person, with great knowledge, a lot of nerve and money is
> not the only thing for you.
> I thank you for the possibility, but I will not subscribe to your services
> because I am only loosing by trying to follow you,since the insufficient
> knowledge and poor technical dotations.
> Thank you again and wish you all the best,
> XXX.


HI Arthur-

Thanks for your note.

Over the years, I’ve experienced similar severe trading downturns—more than I care to discuss!--and it is certainly no fun. It’s nice to see you bouncing back and returning to your original sound strategies, which have served you so well. I’m sure you’ve done a “post mortem” on what occurred, and I’m sure some subscribers have offered their 5-cents worth. However, should you ever want additional “opinions”, I’d be pleased to offer mine based on what I observed by following your daily updates during that rough period.

I would be interested in the investment club, so please keep me informed.

Thanks…and Good Trading Ahead!

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